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Bhavi Global Export


Bhavi Global Export specializes in exporting high quality and grocery products like Pulse, Gains, Flour Like All Types of Rice, Wheat & Wheat Flour, Maize Flour, Peanut and many more products from the India to growing markets around the world.

We offer Pulse & Grains at various beneficial deals, which are appreciated by our potential buyers all over the world. We also provide customized packing to our customers as per their needs and requirements. Our pulses & grains are extensively used in various traditional recipes and are purely natural.

With the high Quality of Indian products with their reputation for quality we expand by creating new export business in
some of the fastest growing markets around the world. We also help our foreign customers find the Indian products that they want from India.

Let us help you grow your business with great food from india.


  • Corn Flour

    Corn Flour

    Features : Good For Health, Natural Test

    Calories : 381/100gms

    Total Fat : 0.1 g/100gms

    Sodium : 9 mg/100gms

    Potassium : 3 mg/100gms

  • Gram Flour

    Gram Flour

    Shelf Life : 3-4 Months

    Color : Yellow

    Form : Powder

    Features : Flavorful, Good For Health

    Uses : Cooking

  • Semolina Flour

    Semolina Flour

    Use : Bread, Cooking, Pasta

    Cultivation Type : Natural

    Shelf Life : 3-4 Months

    Feature : No Artificial Flavour, No Preservatives

    Form : Powder

  • Wheat Flour

    Wheat Flour

    Use : Cooking

    Cultivation Type : Natural

    Shelf Life : 3-4 Months

    Feature : High In Protein, No Artificial Flavour

    Packaging size : 10-20kg